About Us

Who we are

"SAKAAR CONSULTANCY" is the web and mobile application development services company. SAKAAR has a team of professionals, team has grown to about 100 people working together to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction while also helping each business or company achieve their unique needs.

What do we do

We are a professional services software development company and provide IT Consulting service to other companies. More specifically, SAKAAR CONSULTANCY provides software development service, i.e develop software for other companies. Within 5 years of entering the information technology industry, SAKAAR CONSULTANCY has gained exceptional experience in agile software development, software integration, technical support and maintenance, web application development and other programming services for big and small companies: USA, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and India.


The following competitive advantages allow our company to offer better quality of service to our customers: Agile Methodologies We follow agile software development methodologies at SAKAAR CONSULTANCY. These are modern methodologies which evolved along with web technologies and to specifically well suited with web application development. They enable short development cycles and delivery of working software on early stages of software projects, as early as 1 month after start even for big projects. Expert Developers The staff at SAKAAR is well trained certified developers with expert knowledge in relevant technologies and proven experience. Risk Free Project Execution At SAKAAR we offer customers to create a high fidelity prototype of the software instead of writing long and complex specifications. As a result risk of miscommunication about software features and functions is greatly reduced and customer satisfaction with our company increases.